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Passion For Making Boots

León, Gto, México 1978

Making Cowboy Boots

We are proud, and indeed privileged, to be masters in the cowboy boots craftsmanship, and to have so many talented and committed employees that manage to create a true and unique work of art in every pair we make.

At Grupo Caborca, we have succeeded in bringing together two worlds: the traditional world of handmade cowboy boots and the world of modern footwear manufacturing processes, which has enabled us to achieve impeccable quality and productivity. 


Electric Power Consumption

To reduce the impact of global warming, we have installed a system of solar energy panels that contribute to better sustainable development.


Of  all these advantages, it is important to highlight that solar energy does not emit toxic substances or air pollutants, which can be very harmful to the environment and human beings. 

Solar energy does not generate waste or water pollution, a very important factor considering the scarcity of  water. 

Leather free of heavy metals

We have our own X-Met7500 Metals Analyzer, a very advanced technology device that we use to ensure our products are free of all lead and toxic chemicals such as arsenic cadmium chloroform chromium, and so on, which are very harmful to health.

We make daily Inspections on all the hide we receive from our suppliers and therefore in our products we use only those materials that pass the  test.

We have changed solvent-based chemicals to water-based ones to further reduce the impact on the environment.

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